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Ten years ago, there was no poop face emoji. How were we expressing ourselves back then, without it? I don’t even want to remember. There was no wifi, either. I think we still had dial-up, which was marginally faster than carrier pigeons. In 2005 I had to flirt with air hostesses to convince them to carry betacam tapes to deliver them in London for me. Now I can send content anywhere in the world, in a matter of minutes, without leaving my desk. 

We have come a long way, in our media and digital spaces over the past decade, and PromaxBDA Africa has been there with us, bigging up the imaginers, doers and makers. Those who ignite imaginations and speak in HD. The ones who give up their lazy mornings and sanity to give their love to their work.

In 2015 Promax BDA celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in Africa, and we dedicate this year to the brilliant, sleep deprived, budget stretching individuals who create, and do it so beautifully.

We dedicate PromaxBDA Africa 2015 to you, the CREATORSHAKERS.

TIm Horwood
2015 PromaxBDA Africa

About PromaxBDA

PromaxBDA leads the international conversation about the role that marketing plays in the monetization of media. The association represents more than 10,000 companies and individuals at every major media organization, marketing agency, research company, strategic and creative vendor and technology provider and is considered to be the leading global resource for education, community, creative inspiration and career development in the media and media marketing sectors.

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