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Whenever I am faced with the daunting and tedious task of leaving my home to do fun, social, grown-up things, I need to psyche myself up. I tell myself that staying at home is predictable but going out will be an experience that creates memories.

We all want to remember cool things – doing it, and being a part of it. Those fun, nostalgic, sentimental and YOLO moments bring happiness and motivation. And if it’s our creative work that becomes a part of people’s cool memories, it could mean real affinity, tune-in and more brand love, over and over again!

Our goal should be to create work that is remembered, talked about, shared and referenced in the future. That’s when we venture beyond the 30sec spot, beyond a promo or call to action.

Our work should not just sit in an ad break, it should sit in people’s hearts and minds.

We are not a sausage machine…we are memory makers.

Tim Horwood
PromaxBDA Africa 2017 Chairman

About PromaxBDA

PromaxBDA leads the international conversation about the role that marketing plays in the monetization of media. The association represents more than 10,000 companies and individuals at every major media organization, marketing agency, research company, strategic and creative vendor and technology provider and is considered to be the leading global resource for education, community, creative inspiration and career development in the media and media marketing sectors.

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