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Vikki Stephenson

Senior Creative

Vikki Stephenson is a Senior Creative, Consultant and Speaker with 20 years experience making award-winning campaigns for the BBC’s highest profile brands: Planet Earth II, Dracula, Panorama, CBeebies.  Her work has been recognised internationally, winning 35+ industry awards – most since becoming a mum and working part-time.

From raising awareness of important topics like 9/11, the Rwandan Genocide and Disability to nurturing children’s creative potential, Vikki is happiest when storytelling meets purpose. She instigated the BBC’s ‘Stay at Home’ response to Covid lockdown, using comedy to convey a serious message.  She’s interviewed Sir David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer, collaborated with Sigur Ros and her Global ‘Top of the Hour’ for BBC News 24 was the most broadcast sequence on British TV in 2005.  A veteran of fighting a good concept’s corner, Vikki is also a champion.  She passionately believes in empowering others, from mentoring developing talent to providing creative guidance to under-represented teens for the Ideas Foundation.  She is a Promax Judge, Ambassador for Every Child Needs A Mentor and a vocal advocate for working mums in the industry.

Inspiration, Innovation & Things I Learnt the Hard Way

After more than 20 years learning her craft the hard way, Vikki takes us through her career from production assistant to multi-award winning Senior Creative entrusted with the BBC’s biggest brands.  She’ll explore  tips and tricks of creating great promos and the back stories behind award-winning campaigns like Dracula and Planet Earth II.  Ending with her ‘Ten Tenets of Creativity,’ Vikki’s talk will empower, inspire and galvanise you to take more risks, celebrate your achievements and enjoy the ride along the way.


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