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Aziza Francis

Aziza Francis is a co-founder of The Frequency music platform and CEO of Salako Hair. A creative prowess that gives a new meaning and dimension to marketing, management and starting new business. As a 21st century visionary, Aziza’s tenacity and undiluted forward thinking has opened many incredible doors from a very young age. With a 20-year production portfolio expanding to the likes of MTV, BBC and RDF, Aziza has worked on shows such as the weekly interactive Dub-Plate Drama, Wife swap and Jedward. Creatively speaking, Aziza spent 6 years working with London’s Leading and multi-award-winning Youth Marketing Agency, Livity and has been a marketing consultant for Google, Nike, 02, PlayStation, BBC 1 Extra and Jackie Cooper PR just to name a few.

Are We Approaching the Death of Influencer Marketing?

Over the last decade we have seen the rise in influencers take up spaces in all industries and become the talent much needed to grow businesses, build brands and connect with communities. No longer does the marketing space solely rely on traditional celebrities. Influencers have been the game changers with many not expecting this to last this long. What is the future looking like for influencer marketing ?   Brought to you by: