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Lovelyn Nwadeyi

Lovelyn is the Inclusion Strategy Manager at Netflix, with a specific focus on the United Kingdom & Ireland, Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

With roots from Abia State in Nigeria and the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Lovelyn Nwadeyi is a social justice practitioner who cares deeply about the power of narratives and how those shape the society we live in.

Before joining Netflix, she founded and managed a successful social justice consulting firm, L&N Advisors, that facilitated key interventions across South African schools, corporates, and faith communities. Given her career that spans across the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Education and Media industries, Lovelyn brings a versatility to conversations about identity, belonging and its practical application in day-to-day life.

When Representation becomes Reality

In the last few years, Diversity and Inclusion have become industry buzzwords. Almost all big companies today have a person or a team of people dedicated to diversity, transformation and inclusion work because that seems to be the ‘right’ thing to do. But what do these words actually mean in practice? Why are they important? What’s at stake if they remain buzzwords rather than a part of our professional practice? In this session, Lovelyn Nwadeyi, Netflix’s Inclusion Strategy Manager challenges us to consider the best possible version of the world we want to live in. If the stories we want to tell could become our reality, how far would we go to make that possible?   Brought to you by: