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By Shingy
Digital Prophet

A lot has changed since Shingy last presented to Promax. More people are becoming connected to themselves and to the world and we are not just thumbing through life. The fragility of connection was proven as the world shut down in just 5 weeks in 2020 and everything we learnt is up for grabs. While the world got quiet, Shingy got busy. He has much to say on the way we work, manage, play, grow and position for the future. He also interviewed some of the most brilliant brands (from Unilever, Smuckers, Diageo, Barbie and even Tik Tok star and musician Jason Derulo) to better understand how they were addressing change, innovation and leadership throughout the constant state of fuzzy. Get enlightened by a meaningful and insightful look at digital trends, how they are affecting behavior and what’s next on the digital journey roadmap.


“Artist, globe trotting speaker and market seeker, he is a storyteller who identifies emerging trends, and inspires clients to think differently.” – Forbes

David Shing (known as “Shingy”) is an Australian futurist, speaker, creative director, strategic digital consultant, and entrepreneur. Known for his performative persona and his bold and polarizing moniker, the digital prophet, Shingy is a multidimensional creative who specializes in advising clients about inventive and effective approaches to optimizing brand value within the digital landscape. He is passionate about educating big brands about the unique opportunities afforded by emerging digital, social and mobile technologies.

Shingy has spent most of his adult life in the digital world working for both large and small creative companies globally, while also co-authoring several technology related patents. He served as Verizon Media’s digital prophet and prior to that, AOL’s European head of media and marketing responsible for 11 countries.

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When Representation becomes Reality

By Lovelyn Nwadeyi
Inclusion Strategy Manager
, Netflix

In the last few years, Diversity and Inclusion have become industry buzzwords. Almost all big companies today have a person or a team of people dedicated to diversity, transformation and inclusion work because that seems to be the ‘right’ thing to do. But what do these words actually mean in practice? Why are they important? What’s at stake if they remain buzzwords rather than a part of our professional practice? In this session, Lovelyn Nwadeyi, Netflix’s Inclusion Strategy Manager challenges us to consider the best possible version of the world we want to live in. If the stories we want to tell could become our reality, how far would we go to make that possible?


Lovelyn Nwadeyi – Inclusion Strategy Manager – EMEA

Lovelyn is the Inclusion Strategy Manager at Netflix, with a specific focus on the United Kingdom & Ireland, Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

With roots from Abia State in Nigeria and the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Lovelyn Nwadeyi is a social justice practitioner who cares deeply about the power of narratives and how those shape the society we live in.

Before joining Netflix, she founded and managed a successful social justice consulting firm, L&N Advisors, that facilitated key interventions across South African schools, corporates, and faith communities. Given her career that spans across the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Education and Media industries, Lovelyn brings a versatility to conversations about identity, belonging and its practical application in day-to-day life.

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Are We Approaching the Death of Influencer Marketing?

By Aziza Francis 

Over the last decade we have seen the rise in influencers take up spaces in all industries and become the talent much needed to grow businesses, build brands and connect with communities. No longer does the marketing space solely rely on traditional celebrities. 

Influencers have been the game changers with many not expecting this to last this long. 

What is the future looking like for influencer marketing ? 



Aziza Francis is a co-founder of The Frequency music platform and CEO of Salako Hair. A creative prowess that gives a new meaning and dimension to marketing, management and starting new business. As a 21st century visionary, Aziza’s tenacity and undiluted forward thinking has opened many incredible doors from a very young age.

With a 20-year production portfolio expanding to the likes of MTV, BBC and RDF, Aziza has worked on shows such as the weekly interactive Dub-Plate Drama, Wife swap and Jedward. Creatively speaking, Aziza spent 6 years working with London’s Leading and multi-award-winning Youth Marketing Agency, Livity and has been a marketing consultant for Google, Nike, 02, PlayStation, BBC 1 Extra and Jackie Cooper PR just to name a few.

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Create The Life You’re Meant To Have..

By Jay Davidson
Award Winning Marketer, Creative Content Strategist/ Content Development / Visionary

After what has been a turbulent couple of years, this hour we’ll take a moment for renewal, visualising and creating a future we’d be excited to be part of. This is an intimate informal chat looking at the heart of what it is to be human.


Jay Davidson is a unique player in the content and marketing space, across Music, Radio, TV and online. Starting out in the music business at Kiss FM and at the renowned Hip Hop label Def Jam Recordings, her career has spanned two decades half of which has been at the BBC where she launched Radio 1Xtra before moving on to lead marketing campaigns and brand management for BBC Three, Comedy and Entertainment, award winning campaigns for Top Gear, Gavin & Stacey, Luther and Doctor Who. Not many content marketers have commissioning experience; as one of the successful applicants of BBC Content’s inaugural Assistant Commissioner development programme, Jay led commissioning of the BBC Two/Four ‘Black and British’ season as well as gaining commissioning/Exec Producer credits for BBC Documentaries and BBC Music.  Now working with disruptive startups in the content space. Jay – along with her formidable contact book – is using her wealth of experience and knowledge to spearhead and develop some pretty exciting projects.

Stop The Scroll.

By Kellie Brown
Head of Digital Content ANZ
Storykeller Productions

People are scrolling their social media news feeds at lightning speed. In fact, you only have 3 seconds to stand out in the 69,444 million posts every minute to get audiences to stop the scroll and engage with yours.

So how do you create content that breaks through the clutter and not only engages your audience, but leaves them wanting more?

  • Social and Digital Storytelling Unpacked – and the data to support
  • Promo Producing v Creative Content Producing – there’s no more us + them!
  • Purpose-fit content – why where your content lives should determine your approach to the creative
  • Why your post copy matters


Kellie has worked in social and digital media and creative content production locally and abroad for over 10 years spending six as Foxtel’s self-proclaimed Social Media Content Kween!

Kellie spearheaded digital and social content production across the Foxtel platform, launching some of the biggest TV shows in the world into the Australian market including Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies and The Walking Dead as well as producing bespoke content for Foxtel’s award-winning local productions such as Wentworth, The Real Housewives of Melbourne and Sydney, Picnic At Hanging Rock, Lambs of God, A Place To Call Home, Ron Iddles: The Good Cop, The Kettering Incident and Secret City across the digital and social landscape earning numerous industry awards, multiple Gold Promax Awards and even bagging a Cannes Lion for Emerging Digital Innovation.

Post Foxtel, Kellie headed to Fremantle Media in a Creative Content Production role tasked with bringing a ‘new-vibe’ to one of Australia’s most iconic tv series, Neighbours and took on a Story Producer role at The Voice Australia managing the digital and social story for Season 9. In 2020, she launched her own Creative Content Production House, Storykeller Productions on the Central Coast as has been working with creative teams across the globe on social and digital storytelling that sticks.

Love it or be slightly disturbed by it, Kellie is #EXTRA in every sense of the word – but as a born storyteller this is what gives her an edge in being able to connect audiences with content in a meaningful way.

World Gold

By Pippa Tshabalala
On Air and Creative Services Manager
The Walt Disney Company Africa

We all know the value of gold. It’s expensive. It doesn’t lose its value. Plus it’s shiny, which is a win. Speaking of winning – that’s what this is all about. Who won what, the world over.


Pippa Tshabalala is a massive gaming and pop culture geek who’s convinced herself she’s just winging it.  Luckily she’s managed to do pretty well along the way and is a multiple Promax award winner. She’s worn many hats over the years (some of them simultaneously), including lecturer, magazine editor, performer, artist, producer, MC, VO artist and TV presenter, but she’s spent the last 14 years in broadcast television. Pippa currently heads up the Creative Services department at The Walt Disney Company Africa.

The 7 P’s Of Promo Copywriting

By Carla Bekker
Creative Channel Head

Let’s get back to basics.

The famous saying goes, you can’t polish a turd. So it’s important to get the foundation of your promos as tip-top as can possibly be with an amazing script.

In this session we aim to go through fundamentals of promo copywriting, leaving you with 7 easy to note down filters that you can start applying to your work TODAY.

A fun engaging session (with LOTS of examples) for both newcomers in the industry as well as a great refresher for the more seasoned types.

Hope to see you there!


Carla. Geek. Gamer. Content Creator.

Currently a Creative Channel Head at Birthmark Agency in Africa she has been in the industry over 14 years. Starting at a small creative agency, then becoming the creative head for Comedy Central Africa and, then overseeing all Paramount brands on the African continent, before recently making the leap back into agency life.

With over 100 Promax, and other industry awards under her belt she certainly should know what she’s talking about (we hope, fingers crossed).

She’s done everything from Barbie movie marathons, to launching the first contemporary music show aimed at children across Africa, to heading 3 Comedy Central Roast creatives. But mostly she’s made A LOT of dick jokes with the yearly PSA campaign Novemballs (Google it, it’s real lol).