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If your livelihood has been affected by COVID-19, and you need a platform to promote yourself, we’ve got you!

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Sindisiwe Sibisi
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Personal Background:

2020 started off as a year full of hope and endless opportunities. I had just bought a new house, started on a new job and running my last lap on my MBA studies; reasons enough to remain optimistic and positive. Little did I know that the COVID-19 pandemic would quickly turn everything up side down. Since the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic, I lost my job, lost sufficient income to cover my expenses; I’m unable to pay for my school fees and as a result, recently experienced stress and depression. For this reason, I also started a small company called BlackQueen Consulting, where I offer marketing solutions services to start up companies and SME’s. As an ‘unknown company’ I depend on existing networks and immediate contacts. While opening my own marketing consulting company is an achievement worth celebrating, reality is, it’s currently not bringing in sufficient income and therefore I’m still actively seeking fulltime/part-time employment.


Work Experience:

I am a highly skilled Account Manager with 10 years Marketing and Communications experience. Throughout my work experience, I’ve worked with different clients and stakeholders, I have experience with internal and external communications, managing teams and reporting directly to CEO’s. I am adept in strategy development in Marketing and Business, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate communication and leadership abilities in strategy and campaign management. In the broadcasting industry I’ve been fortunate to be an Account Manager/Promo Producer for the following brands; M-Net, Mzansi Magic, 1Magic, Vuzu, Channel-O and DStv Media Sales.

In my professional career, I excel in the following skills; Media relationships management, Content Development, Media Inquiries, Media Development and Engagement, Leadership & Team management, Negotiation, Financial Management and People and Stakeholder Engagement.

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Tshepang Motloung
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About Tshepang:

Hello, my name is Tshepang M, born bread & butter in Johannesburg South Africa. we the locals call it Mzansi

I am a creative, spent the last 10 years as a Promo Producer/Director, started as a runner in 2009 & climbed up the ladder to conceptualizing, pitching, writing scripts & editing Promos. I have been part of great teams and lead creative teams that produced some breath taking work in the past couple of years.

I am professional, mature & hardworking individual, I always aim at excellence & believe that I am an ambitious young man with an abundance of confidence. I bring fun creative ideas, a lot of laughter, an award or two & we never miss deadlines.

This pandemic has hit us hard and as a creative I am always on the lookout for creative opportunities & spaces where I can fit in and share my skill, while learning from others in and around me, I am on the lookout for new opportunities and I am available immediately to hit the ground running. I will go anywhere in the world where there is an opportunity to grow, learn more and produce award winning work.

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Pume Makhaza-Buthelezi
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About Pume:

I am a bold, self-motivated, driven, passionate individual, with an extreme love for Marketing and Events. The thrill of working on a campaign or putting an event together, is a feeling I just can’t explain. Little did I know that my passion and the exhilarating feeling I get from my work would be on halt due to Covid-19, I was retrenched from my job at the beginning of the pandemic and my business was affected. I found myself unable to bring an income and not being able to support my family and bring my 2020 goals to fruition. It has been extremely hard, but I have hope to continuously push ahead and find ways to provide for my family.

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Sivu Mayisela
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About Sivu:

My name is Sivu Mayisela, a creative that is passionate about being DOPE!

I began my path as a junior Promo Producer in 2014 working for a small production agency that had a sink or swim philosophy; with a go hard or go home mentality I took to it like a fish by soaking up all the knowledge I could and matured in leaps and bounds. The experience taught me that it’s not about you but about being the hands that extend the ‘Brands’ reach.

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