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Our Chairwoman

Elouise Kelly
2019 Promax Africa Chairwoman

It’s become everyday speak. Change, morph, reposition, rebrand, relaunch, reinvent. The eternal brand story! But how do you do it, and do it well? How do you make sure that it’s relevant for your entire audience?

The answers are in the Promax Africa 2019 Re.Invent line-up. In one exciting day you can find inspiring perspectives on our industry with lightning-bolt sessions to spark ideas, solutions and of course, all possible ways to Re.Invent.   

Each session, from the Keynote address, to the multiple discussion forums, are designed to provoke, challenge, teach and invigorate. Join some of the most creative thinkers, from different corners of the world and harness their insights to chart a future focused, trailblazing reinvention journey.   

It’s quite frankly, unmissable!

If you want to predict the best possible future, then you have to imagine it, and then help shape it. So bring your best self, discard your boundaries and reinvent your creative spirit at Promax Africa 2019 – Re.Invent.