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Liz Dunning

Sales Trainer and Executive Coach


Liz Dunning, has spent much of her career in broadcast marketing, branding and design, working with broadcasters such as the BBC, BT, Disney, Discovery, EMI, Eurovision, ITV,  NBC Universal, PBS,  Sony, Sky (in Germany, Italy & UK), Swiss TV, UKTV and Zee TV.

She has had her own agency and worked for many years in senior roles at the pioneering broadcast agency Lambie-Nairn. Today she is a sales trainer and executive coach working with a range of clients including Turner Broadcasting Systems, Harrods and many not-for-profit organisations in the UK.

Session One: Do You Hesitate When Selling Your Ideas?

Whether you like it or not we all sell all the time in our lives – be it getting our ideas approved by our bosses, finding the right partner or posting on social media. So why not get better at this essential life skill?

What will then happen – you will see more of your ideas on TV and universally have more of what you want!

Liz Dunning, sales trainer to many companies (including the world’s most famous department store Harrods) will take you through the ropes of how to sell more effectively, memorably and efficiently. A session not to be missed!

Session Two: Who Wants To Rebrand?

Is your channel planning a re-brand in the next year? If so, this session will be invaluable! A seasoned professional (with over 50+  rebrand projects with big TV brands under her belt) will take you through a simple step by step process with all the vital do’s and don’t. Not only that, she will be showcasing many highly relevant, engaging and recent examples of major channel and network rebrands.