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Lee Hunt is founder of Lee Hunt LLC, a New York-based consultancy focusing on brand strategy, on-air architecture, competitive analysis, and personnel training for television networks and media companies around the world.

Lee is a strategist, trainer, and industry thought leader. His success in launching and positioning channel brands, in addition to his pioneering work in audience management have set many of the standards for our industry.

Lee began his career on the client side in the 1980s, launching and branding Lifetime, VH1 and TNT. In the 90’s he founded one of TV’s most successful creative services agencies, Lee Hunt Associates. In 1999, he sold LHA to the digital services company, Razorfish.  In 2001 Lee launched the strategic consultancy, Lee Hunt LLC.


Session One : New Best Practices 2019

Every year, at his annual Promax keynote, Lee Hunt explores the best practices that are disrupting and transforming our industry. This year Lee takes a deep dive into the opportunities for competing with and against both linear and streaming services. These are the best practices topics your teams need to know to stay ahead of the competition.

  • The impact of direct-to-consumer streaming services on linear marketing and promotion
  • Concerning trends about linear and digital promo time
  • The new era of push vs. pull promos
  • The power of triggers and takeaways
  • Correct brand management when competing with streamers
  • Taking advantage of the unique strengths of linear networks
  • Keeping channel brands relevant in a title-driven world

Session Two: New Ad Sales Initiatives 2019

In 2007, the US television market moved from program ratings—getting paid by how many people watched your show—to C3 ratings—getting paid by how many people watched your commercial breaks.

Overnight, the system transformed. The 5 most watched commercials did not air in the 5 most watched show. Free-to-air channels ratings dropped 4%. Cable networks dropped 8%. With a $60 billion business at stake, networks frantically began to experiment with different ways to make their commercial breaks “stickier.”

Most of these C3 retention tactics did not succeed or enjoyed limited success until viewers “figured it out.”  Today, networks have found a few formulas that perform well, but are continuing to experiment with new digital tools or reworking tried and true linear ideas.

In this session we’ll look at the strategies, tactics, creative and most importantly, the success or failure of  6 second commercials, 30 second pods, LCI (Limited Commercial Interruption), JAZ (Just the A and Z), 2 x 20 (2 minutes of commercials/hour by 2020), Prime Pods with AI, Prediction Pods, Future Now, Absolute As, Shoppable Ads, Non-stop programming, and brand integrations.