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Emile Rademeyer

Creative Director


Emile Rademeyer is Creative Director and Digital Placemaking Strategist at VANDAL in Sydney, Australia.

Under Emile’s direction, VANDAL combines the physical and digital worlds to enhance human experience and bridge the gap between art, advertising, digital media, content and culture. As leader in its field, VANDAL transforms physical places and spaces with digital placemaking, experiences and activations that change human behaviour.

Emile ensures VANDAL is focussed on creating the most innovative moving image, sound, art, interactive and augmented reality experiences for public, commercial and retail environments. He further oversees executive curation of the VANDAL Art Gallery in Redfern, Sydney.

Emile’s work regularly features in local and international awards, festivals and publications. He’s a frequent international guest, keynote speaker and jury member at events around the globe. Highly motivated with excellent communication skills, Emile’s recognised talent earns international respect and he’s regarded as one of Australia’s most prolific new media creative directors.

Session: Augmented Reality is the Future of Advertising

A great idea can change human behaviour. Creative use of digital technology can do the same and much more. In this innovative session Emile Rademeyer explores why the future of advertising, art, entertainment, content and culture is in augmented reality.

Advertising has traditionally been one-way communication. Not anymore. The future of advertising is not only to communicate products or ideas, but to digitally transform entire environments with a new kind of augmented reality.

Augmented Reality allows us to connect with consumers, increase engagement and enhance human emotion like never before. Showcasing impressive examples and case studies, this session demonstrates how augmented reality alters human behaviour and will shape the future as never seen before.