Holley M. Murchison

Oratory Glory
Founder and CEO

Holley M. Murchison is an education producer, entrepreneur, and strategist whose work lies at the intersection of communication and culture. As Founder and CEO of Oratory Glory, she’s collaborated with corporate companies, led trainings and workshops, been a featured speaker, and moderated countless panels - all in order to empower executives, artists, and creative entrepreneurs to tap into their passions and desires while using their voices to shape the world around them.

Holley’s debut book, Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY), is a proven 6-step process designed for individuals and teams looking to source and share artful and accurate stories and introductions that build deeper connections and inspire action. Her work is particularly useful when considering the importance of applying assumedly “soft skills” to more traditional business spaces and operations, and equips all professionals with the tools and actions they need to thrive in shared purpose while tailoring effective messaging online, in print, and in person.


Become Who You Are

Become Who You Are reminds artists, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs of the necessity of shaping a world in their vision. Contextualizing it's larger call to action within today's ever-precarious socio-political climate, it urges them to actively articulate and own their purpose, mission, and usefulness in the world. Yes, even when it comes to building big business. Holley encourages a future-focused audience to see a world where people not only feel comfortable sharing and learning from the richness found within and around their communities, they also use this power to drive personal and societal transformation.


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