Glenn Urquhart


Glenn's been in the TV game for over twenty years. Starting as a spotty reprobate boxing up old VHS tapes in a production company mailroom in London in 1993, he then bounced around the industry as an editor, cameraman, designer, live studio director and researcher, before settling at the promos end of the game and working up to Creative Director.

He spent most of his time in London and Sydney at various networks and creative agencies with brief stints in Berlin and San Francisco.

His most recent gig was as Group Creative Director of The Lifestyle Channels on Foxtel, but he has now moved on to pursue projects across film, transmedia, videogames and other immersive narratives.

Game on...


The Future Is Here And Its Bonkers

The world is getting smaller, faster, more instantaneous. Having any kind of permanance seems harder and harder. In this session we will navigate emerging trends to see where we could be heading creatively, spiritually and technologically and what that could mean for your brand. This is about raw inspiration, thinking differently and not being the best at what you do… but being the only one who does what you do.


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