Marketing Objective


PromaxBDA after considerable consultation and review has enhanced and streamlined the judging process by reducing the main judging criteria from three to two. 

The new Judging criteria are now as follows:

Beyond creativity and production value, this is specifically about how clearly the message is being communicated, how effective that message is being conveyed and how successfully its objectives are being met in the entry.  

How does the entry compare with similar promotional items, displays, print ads, spots or campaigns with regard to originality of concept?

As you know, previously the marketing objectives accounted for 1/3 of your total score. This is no longer the case. Submission of scores will be based on the new criteria. The marketing objective is now meant to only help provide context to the entry should the judges need clarification. We encourage you to include a brief summary of the objective only as a reference for the judges.

In line with the changes you will notice that we have reduced the number of characters from 1000 to 250 in the marketing objective section and also eliminated marketing objective from the list of disqualifying criteria.